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Enjoy Added Protection for Your Appliances 

with Jashanmal Extended Warranty Plans

Don’t worry about paying for the repair of the product after the standard 1-year warranty. You can buy our extended warranty plan for your machine and live without any worries. Experience peace of mind for the extended warranty period. The validity of extended warranty is for 1 or 2 years. 


Advantages of Extended Warranty Plan


With the extended warranty Plan, you can leave all your worries on Jashanmal. Your product will be protected against all mechanical and technical issues. You also do not need to worry about increased cost of spare parts and labor during the extended warranty plan.  

  • Is it advantageous to buy an extended warranty plan ?
    The standard warranty plan covers your appliance for 1 year only. After this if the machine breaks down then it will be the owner's responsibility. By purchasing this plan, you extend the manufacture warranty.
  • Which products are eligible for the Extended Warranty Plan?
    Jashanmal is the authorized distributor & after sales service provider for all the Major Domestic Appliances from Electrolux, Maytag, Hoover, Kenwood, De’Longhi. All Major Domestic Appliances, Built In Appliances, Coffee Machines are eligible for extended warranty plan.
  • When can I buy the Extended Warranty Plan?
    The extended warranty can be purchased any time before the expiry of completion of standard 1-year warranty.
  • I don’t have time to visit your service center, so where can I buy the Extended Warranty Plan?"
    No worries. You can get in touch with us on our contact us page, calling 800JNCL (8005625) or email us at service @
  • How can I pay for the Extended Warranty Plan, I don’t have time to visit your service center ?"
    You can pay online using our secured payment channels.
  • How can I contact you if my appliance has to be repaired?
    You can call us on 04-3785700, 800-JNC (800562). Or email us at: service @
  • What parts are excluded in the Extended Warranty Plan?
    Normal wear & tear is included in extended warranty plan if the machine is used as per manufactures manual. For further list of exclusions please refer to our terms & conditions.
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